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Size Speed Range Blades Weight
8 feet 0-80 8 31 kg
10 feet 0-90 8 35 kg
12 feet 0-100 8 38 kg
14 feet 0-120 8 41 kg
16 feet 10-75 6 109 kg
18 feet 10-65 6 112 kg
20 feet 10-60 6 115 kg
24 feet 10-55 6 121 kg

PMSM stands for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and HVLS is for High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fans. These fans move a large volume of air precisely by structural innovations to the blade configuration and a high-tech motor.

PMSM gearless direct drive motors are truly maintenance free. These PMSM fans make use of the world’s strongest rare earth magnets (NdFeB,Grade N38SH) creating a high electrical efficiency of 84%, instead of using gears to propel the fan. Unlike gears, these magnets do not require maintenance, and are built to last.

Matching its motor's power is the structural configuration of the fan. Fan sizes vary from 8 feet to 24 feet Ultra-efficient Aluminum Aerofoils blades with a robust construction. (Max motor torque: 300N.m.)

Super silent: with the use of our latest PMSM technology we are able to reduce noise to 38.5db for the first time, true silence. The noise standard for HVLS ceiling fans is usually about 45-50dB.