Wobbly Fans

You may do the following action to reduce the wobbling:
1.) Check all the blade mounting screws are tightened and securely.
2.) Wobbling problems may result from inconsistent blade level. To check blade level, measure the distance from each blade tip to the ceiling. Note: If measurements are inconsistent:
a.) check blade mount screws are not over tightened or loose, which can cause the blade tip to not all sit at level;
b.) An out of shape blade can cause wobbling, check by removing the blade and lay in on a flat surface. A good flat blade will lay flat on the surface.
3) Blade tracking may be checked simply by use of a household ruler as shown in below Figure. Place the ruler vertically against the ceiling and even with the outside leading edge of a blade. Note the distance of the edge of a blade same as others. Turn the blade slowly by hand to check the remaining blades. If a blade is not in alignment, the blade is either out of shape / warped or the blade screws are not evenly tighten or either loose.

1. A Balancing Kit is provided to balance the ceiling fan on initial installation. Please refer to the instruction on how to use the Balancing Kit, that is included
2. The balancing kit can be used to assist re-balancing if the ceiling fan becomes un-balanced overtime. Do not discard the balancing kit. Retain for possible future use.

Fan will not Start

Fan will not start (Warning: THE ceiling must be switched OFF,
and the assistance of a licensed electrician maybe required.)
A. Fuse or circuit breaker blown: Check main and branch circuit fuses or
circuit breakers.
B. Loose power connections to the fan. (normally occur during installation.):
Check power connections to fan. Must be performed be a Licensed Electrician.
C. No response from the remote transmitter: Battery is low. Replace batteries. or Check if correct remote transmitter is paired with the receiver.
D. Switch the Fan ON via the mains switch. Check if there is power to the fan.

Fan is Noisy

A. Top canopy touching ceiling. Lower Canopy from ceiling to ensure minimum 3mm clearance.
B. Loose fan blade screws. Re-tighten all screws on fan blades but never
C. Ceiling fan not secured against ceiling. Re-tighten all screws in the hanging bracket or plate.
D. Incorrect speed controller. Change the controller to the one supplied.
(Must be performed by a Licensed Electrician.)

Fan Light Defect

Except for actual faults in manufacture, which are extremely rare, FAN LIGHTS AND GLOBES ARE NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR FAN WARRANTY. Noises and vibration etc. are often more accentuated when a fan light is fitted. For instance, a fan light glass that has not been tightened or worked loose can cause a rattle. Again, care and maintenance will reduce this. Glass of all kinds is warrantied to the retailers’ door and subject to the retailer checking it on delivery.