CANBO: Disinfection Cabinet

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This is The Age of Safety

A large capacity multi purpose sanitation cabinet that utilizes 3 modes of sterilization to suit all your disinfection needs. 95 L Top Layer and 205 L Bottom layer an meet the daily disinfection needs of most commercial establishments and protect the health of your family.

Sterilization Methods

UVC Light / Ozone / Infrared Light


Model: ZTP380H

Feature: 2

Voltage: 230V~60Hz

Power: 900W

Cavity: 300L

Ozone Concentration: <20mg/m3

UV Life: >1000h

UV Power: 10W

UV Wavelength: 254nm


Working Time: >60min

Heat Life: >5000h

Work Time(full load): >60min

Weight each Layer: 5kg

Net weight: 26kg

Standard: GB 4706.1