Installation Disclaimer

For customers requesting installation please make sure that you understand and agree with the following:

Before installation:

  • Process and acquire all necessary permits for the installation if there are any
  • Pay for any required fees for the installation if there are any
  • For complicated installations, potential obstruction, or any concern, please send us your ceiling plan or blueprint via email:
  • Please make sure that proper supports are in place that can hold the moving weight of the fan at 30kg
  • There are no obstructions present, there should be a minimum 30cm from the tip of the blade to the nearest object
  • The electrical provision must already provided, we will not provide wiring from your breaker

Height and Extension:

  • If your ceiling is too high, we have stainless extension poles available at P1,000 per 1 foot. This must be requested beforehand.
  • There must at least be a 2.3m clearance between the floor and the ceiling.

During Installation:

  • If your ceiling is high please provide scaffolding and or ladder available onsite. If you do not have any we will rent for you with an additional charge